Our Mission. Our Mandate

To decrease the time and money spent on regulatory compliance and end-of life asset management, while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Solstice Engineering provides comprehensive and automated oil and gas software solutions and evaluation services. We help companies thrive by increasing data accuracy and maximizing reporting efficiency for regulatory compliance management. Our software manages regulatory compliance, end of life, ARO, LLR, well schematics, digital files and audit systems, utilizing powerful oil and gas inventory architecture and government intelligence for thorough data manipulation.

Purpose-Built by an Industry Expert

Clint Nerbas, P.Eng.
Clint Nerbas, P.Eng.


After working for over 15 years in the oil and gas industry alongside both Canadian and Multi-National Oil and Gas companies, our founder and president Clint Nerbas, recognized that the current process for regulatory compliance and data management is time consuming and heavily reliant on manual data manipulation and analysis. As a result, he built the SolComp software to reduce the man-hours of re-occurring and redundant data manipulation and analysis, the use of multiple software and data sources and the complicated and inconsistent reporting. Clint started Solstice Engineering in 2005, continuously enhancing and improving the software as the industry evolves and regulations change to remain one of the most all-encompassing and automated software solutions available to the Oil and Gas industry.

SolComp is a highly intuitive and robust regulatory compliance management software solution. In addition to this convenient and comprehensive management tool, we offer acquisition and divestiture liability estimates, licence liability rating evaluations, independent asset retirement obligation estimates and petroleum consulting services to help our clients better understand their liability exposures and how to best mitigate the risks associated with your oil and gas assets management.

The Solstice Advantage

Solstice Engineering simplifies regulatory compliance management and reporting by compiling and organizing multiple data sets into a centralized data hub. This provides our clients with detailed reports that are fast, accurate and far more cost effective than their current process. Using our centralized data hub, end of life asset management becomes easier to track, manage and coordinate work between various departments or contractors within your organization. Our team incorporates additional functionality based on your input and feedback so our software applications and services continue to provide outstanding solutions to you, as the industry requirements evolve.

The benefits our clients experience as a result of using our software and evaluation services:

  • Exceptional reporting detail in a fraction of the time
  • Expedited turnaround times
  • Lower resourcing / overhead costs
  • Eliminate regulatory penalties from missed deadlines
  • Proactive approach to regulatory compliance management
  • Intuitive and automated reporting
  • Ongoing inventory management
  • Proactively manages wells requiring field inspections, wellbore pressure tests, SCVF tests and packer isolation tests
  • Customizable digital inspection forms contain SCVF and packer isolation test forms for synergistic site visit planning
  • Automated, highly detailed and audit proof cost estimates based on adjustable unit rates for streamlined scenario comparisons
  • Automated suspension and abandonment mini-program builder
  • Automated AER DDS text file builder for simplified regulatory submissions
  • Improve non-optimized LLR by as much as 30% through paper liability reduction to reduce annual levy payments
  • Unique reporting solutions tailored by an industry expert
  • Reliable and responsive customer service