While undergoing the process of oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures, it is crucial to fully understand the value of an asset and to be aware of all the risks and liabilities. Our A&D services involve quick and accurate end of life liability estimates and license to operate exposure summaries for potential acquisition and divestiture opportunities. These reports promptly assess potential acquisitions prior to increased analysis in order to save time and money on poor deals.

The following are the A&D estimates and summaries provided by Solstice Engineering

End of Life Liability Estimate

License to Operate Exposure Summary

  • Suspended Well Compliance
  • SCVF Testing
  • Packer Isolation Testing
  • Pipeline Requiring Work (Discontinuations, Abandonments, Etc.)
  • Well Testing
  • Directive 44
  • Compliance Budget Forecaster to estimate annual net LTO budget

Immediate Compliance / Liability Concerns

  • Net cost estimates for overdue wells or wells due for suspension or have mineral rights expiring
  • Net cost estimates for pipelines overdue or due for discontinuation / abandonment


  • Uses only a well UWI list with working interest as input
  • Quickly compiles and analyzes vast amounts of well data
  • Provides accurate assessments of liabilities
  • Provides supporting documentation for insurance applications and environmental disclosures
  • Easily identifies problem assets

In need of quick reporting for a large amount of wells?

Our reports are generated using our automated government data analysis system, meaning we can handle any inventory size without compromising accuracy.