As part of our SolComp software, Solstice Engineering offers the Well Schematic Builder. The Solstice Well Schematic Builder takes a complex and time-consuming process and makes it quick and easy. This tool utilizes current government data and minimal user input to precisely draw vertical and horizontal wells.

The Well Schematic Builder compliments SolComp by providing a list of wells with regulatory compliance issues, wellbore diagrams for each well, and built-in regulatory compliance and wellfile review forms.

With powerful capabilities and undeniable time-saving benefits, the Well Schematic Builder is quickly becoming the go-to tool of the oil and gas industry and here’s why:

  • Easy to use Excel based tool
  • Seamlessly integrates with Government Data
  • Wellfile Review Checklist (no completions knowledge required)
  • Add or edit data such as casing and cementing details
  • Built-in cement top estimator
  • Well Schematic is automatically updated
  • Built-in regulatory compliance forms, inspection and test forms
  • Easily edit incorrect data
  • Supports automated well and of life cost estimates
  • Supports automated building of Directive 13 & 20 mini-programs
  • Enter and edit detailed completion data
  • Incorporates directional well data
  • Lists compliance issues for all wells, built-in forms to manage compliance work
  • Google-Earth and Maps functionality for visual work planning
  • Can be used as digital wellfile

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