Looking for quick and thorough end of life estimates? Solstice Engineering can guarantee accurate, AFE-ready end of life well estimates regardless of inventory size.

With our ARO service, we estimate ARO differently than any other companies based on our extensive industry experience and a well-established system.   Solstice Engineering Ltd. has painstakingly developed and continued evolving this system over the past 10 years and is becoming the industry leader when it comes to third-party independent ARO estimates, A&D Evaluations and LLR Evaluations. When it comes to Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC ARO, Solstice Engineering Ltd. has the tools and experience for the job. This innovative solution is unique to the industry and the methods used to create the evaluation reports are without competition.  Why continue to waste money on poor allocation of your workforce, or third-party companies doing this work the old-fashioned way, when the future of these evaluations is here now?

Our expertise with oil and gas ARO and oil and gas end of life liability estimates, allows us to provide detailed end of life cost estimates for individually operated and non-operated wells, pipelines and facilities equal to that of a human manually doing each estimate. Our approach reassures auditors to understand the logic and process are robust, fulsome and deliver highly accurate reports.

Benefits of these types of estimates and what you can expect from using our services:

  • ARO reporting is highly accurate and AFE ready
  • Automated cost estimates for wells, pipelines and facilities based on user adjusted unit rates and assumptions
  • Allows for short-term end of life dollars to be deferred while concentrating on compliance only to provide banks minimal financing required
  • End of life date estimation using economic limits or reserves tables which allows reports to be discounted and inflated
  • Powerful reconciliation system for easy audit support
  • Provides detailed estimates and pertinent information for each well, pipeline and facility.
  • Third party estimate to meet audit requirements

Interested in knowing what your company’s current liability is? Or understanding the impact of acquiring or divesting assets on your company’s liability? Do you want to optimize your LLR to avoid posting security deposits?

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